The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2017

Sarah’s cloth and accessories has the opportunity to host this years 2017 Great cloth diaper change. Please Join us April 22nd 10:30 am at 63 Frank street Strathroy, as we prepare and change as many bums into reusable diapers or cloth trainers as we can. There will be Treats and door prizes along with swag … [Read more…]

Cozy home heating bags

“Mom, my leg hurts!” My 8 year old says as i put her to bed last night. I knew what was wrong, its the growing pains. What a pain.. literally! So i headed down stairs to grab the stuff i knew would make her feel better, My doterra deep blue and cozy homes microwave heat … [Read more…]

Workshops, Services and Events

Sarah’s cloth has big (dare i say HUGE) plans! I cant wait any longer to share them with my amazing customers and friends! One of the biggest reasons for my move into a storefront (besides being able to offer even more unique items from all the amazing companies i love) is the services , workshops … [Read more…]

The Storefront Adventure

I’m shaking writing this.. Shaking with joy! Today marks the day i’m blessed enough to be able to start my new adventure! Today marks the day i have the keys to my brand new store front location! Im so lucky to have the support of my customers, followers, my mom and husband and family. For … [Read more…]

Grown-up forts

It started in the afternoon, my oldest daughter started yelling and crying “I’m not good at making forts, why cant i just be good at it”. I could feel her frustration; i could see her anger , she started throwing the things she was using and in my mind i braced myself, throw out the … [Read more…]

No words needed

I was speechless, I had no words , just a deep pain low in my gut. I kept trying to think of the right words to say but nothing came. I barely knew the mom on the other side of the computer screen , I never met her, and we only spoke a few times … [Read more…]

Introducing Bumbafluff Newborn AIO

Congratulations, You or someone you know is having a sweet bundle of joy ! How incredible are there tiny fingers and toes, the sweet cry’s and little coo’s?! Im so happy to get to introduce the re-designed and re-branded bumbafluff newborn all in one. This sweet tiny diaper is everything your new baby needs; soft … [Read more…]