Cozy home heating bags

“Mom, my leg hurts!” My 8 year old says as i put her to bed last night. I knew what was wrong, its the growing pains. What a pain.. literally! So i headed down stairs to grab the stuff i knew would make her feel better, My doterra deep blue and cozy homes microwave heat pad.


The maker to these amazing pads is Annie, mom to 3 beautiful little ones. She makes such amazing products and has a heating pad in many sizes for everyone in the family. Large neck pads are perfect for just that necks and shoulders. Being a mama is hard, and by the end of the day most of us wanna climb in a hot bath or warm bed and rock back and forth hoping none of our kids wake up until morning so we can spend a moment to ourselves, what better way then a warm neck pad to relax those muscles.

Medium and small sizes are perfect for everything from sore muscles to a quick cool down in the summer. Keep one in the freezer and one out for the microwave. They are great sizes for small spots or kids! * An awesome tip* Use your lavender essential oils – place a drop on the bag after you warm and the aroma will help your child fall asleep.

Annie also offers small booboo packs for when your little cant live without that ice pack! They are also great to warm up and slid into mittens in the winter, a great way to keep tiny fingers extra warm. They are perfect size for kids to hold or carry.


Did you know that In cozy home bags you’ll find a perfect mix of grains, with NO rice! Rice tends to break down very quickly and absorb smells, that means you’ll be replacing your rice bag more often then you will need to with your cozy home bag!

*Some tips and uses*

~ Use essential oils to experience extra relief and benefits aromatically.

~Use the freezer packs to quickly cool off in the summer

~pop a warm bag in with your kids at bedtime the warmth will help the fall asleep. or leave it at the end of the bed to keep your toes warm

~keep a warm bag by your side when you have the flu or cold- it will help with sore muscles!

~ use your pack during labour , they may be a life saver for the pains in your lower back!

~ use it from the freezer for hot flashes.

How do you use your pad? Leave it in the comments and don’t forget to ask us how you can get your own cozy home heating bag today.


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