Five minutes of colorful quiet

I just poured my coffee, in fact it was going cold with every moment passing. I packed the two oldest kids lunches, fed them breakfast and sent them off to school. Now it was just my toddler, newborn and me. I finally got the baby down for a nap so i sat my toddler on the couch in the living room , put on her suddenly favorite show, paw patrol and headed to the dining room. I sat down and opened the laptop to answer work emails , write my daily to do list and have a sip of coffee. After 5 short minutes i hear nothing, while nothing besides the super annoying paw patrol theme song that is. Some thing is defiantly wrong, its never quiet between my 4 kids, husband and dog life is far to busy to ever be quiet, so i got up and went into the living room. Oh No .. PEN , all over the brand new couch :/ GRR. So i take away the pen , sit and stew for a minute, clean the couch , sit my toddler back down grab her “nacks peas” and turn on her new favorite show octonots, and head back to work.

This is everyday , my daily life. Sometimes its flour or marker or GASP – poop. Sometimes its endless requests of snacks and drinks or the school calling with my one of my oldest sick or hurt. Sometimes its my baby feeding every 30 minutes or the dog needing let out 100s of times. No matter what day it is my business always gets put on the back burner whether for 5 minutes or hours at a time. The truth is many mamas in business that work from home know the struggle, just how frustrating it can be to start and restart orders and tasks. Some days i look at my husband and think to myself just how amazing it must be, to go to work without a toddler hanging off his leg, a baby screaming in his ear or the school calling for the forgotten lunch left on the table.

Even with how hard it gets , at the end of the day i look at them and remember just how lucky i am to be able to be there for them in thier early years (some days i have to look really hard, remember the pen on the couch lol) They rely on me to get them what they need and give them an overflowing amount of love. While some evenings i stand looking at my work bench covered in all the unfinished orders i started hours earlier, i know they will be there tomorrow, along with paw patrol, and the faint marks of pen.

Whats your toddlers 5 minutes of colorful quiet look like?




  1. Catalina

    Great article. I think we all moms panic with those silent moments. I am so happy you were able to find a way to stay home with your kiddos. I have been searching for that for a while!

    • SarahsCloth

      Thank you Catalina! its defiantly difficult some days but im privileged to have the opportunity to stay with them! <3 You'll find a passion im sure (that was my hardest part) Ill have my fingers and toes crossed for you! 🙂

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