Grown-up forts

It started in the afternoon, my oldest daughter started yelling and crying “I’m not good at making forts, why cant i just be good at it”. I could feel her frustration; i could see her anger , she started throwing the things she was using and in my mind i braced myself, throw out the anchor what ever you do -don’t yell. See it takes me alot of strength not to get upset when she does , sometimes we just clash (hell lets be honest most of the time we do) but somehow i pulled myself together and got her to calm down. I put my hand on her shoulder and explained that sometimes we’re just not good at somethings, that everyone has things that they have trouble with. I told her that we all have strengths and weaknesses and that if there are parts about our selves we don’t like we can either change them or love them, but we get to choose which we want to do. Of coarse she wanted to know what i’m “bad” at , I told her about how i’m terrible at math and i choose to let that go, ill never be good at it but that’s just fine with me. I also told her i had trouble not getting upset at little things , that its something i wasn’t ok with letting go, so i work on changing it everyday.

As the day went on i got to thinking, Is there other parts of my life that im “not good at” , that i want to change. Am i truly happy where i am in life right now? Before i even asked that question i knew my answer, no. I should be happy i have a great buisness, a wonderful husband , kids and dog. Fantastic friends and family. we live in a cute little house in the country with food in our fridge and love in our hearts. Thats when i found my “fort” (the thing im not happy with and want to change). I want to be happy with what i have. I’m a competitive, hard-working and determined person, i strive to always be better. It works well for my buisness i always want to do better, create new products and packaging even improve customer service constently, but i continue to let it into my home life, the one thing that is already amazing. I don’t let my kids forget how much we have, how lucky we are; but somewhere in the shuffle of life i had forgotten what i try so hard to remember. Life is great, theres so many people who have it worse then us -even on what seems our darkest days. That sometimes its ok to let the feeling of needing to be better go and just enjoy the feeling of being good enough in that moment.

Join me , lets be happy with what we have, and when our forts fall down for what seems the hundredth time will pick it back up and create a bigger and better fort with room for all our strengths…and weaknesses.


<3Nicole @Sarah’s cloth

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  1. Catalina

    Great post! There are days (I must say almost everyday) that I fell the same. It is hard to step back and look at what a great and fortunate life we have.

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