1. Catalina Orjuela Leo

    Great blog! I will continue to read your entries! Can’t wait to try your new products.

    • SarahsCloth

      Thanks for following along Catalina, i hope you had a chance to pick up your grow-a-longs, soft mocs and dress, and that you love them! <3

  2. Jaime R

    So excited to follow along on your new(ish) adventure! Have always wanted to get into cloth diapering but never felt brave enough to do so. I love your clothing so I can’t wait to see your cloth diapers and their adorable patterns! 😊

    • SarahsCloth

      Well i hope i can help you feel confidant enough to start ! if you ever have any questions i’m happy to help ! I’m so happy to have you following along, and thank you for your kind words <3

  3. Melissa Cresswell

    These look amazing! I had decided to give up cloth diapering now that I have a 3rd and them all at home but I’ve started using the ones I kept again lately! 🙂 would love to try these out to see if they hold true to the trim fit!

  4. Donna

    I love everything you make but these look fantastic! I love all in two systems. Cant wait to see what else you come up with.

  5. Jodine

    I’ve always heard good things about your diapers and this new design looks awesome. I’d love to try it out on my little one! Thank you!

  6. Danielle

    Following along for the contest! Great blog, you described everything super well. I’m just getting into cloth diapering!

    • SarahsCloth

      Yay , glad to have you following along! if you ever have any other questions please feel free to ask , id be happy to help ! <3

  7. Leah Adams

    So excited to have discovered your blog and new diapers,we are getting very excited to start cloth diapering our first little one due in August!

    • SarahsCloth

      Congratulations Leah! Its so great to have you following along <3 ill be having a newborn diaper giveaway tomorrow too!

  8. Michelle Dobbyn

    How exciting for you!! These diapers looks awesome! I will absolutely give these a try with our new squish come November!! Congrats on the new blog! I’ll be following along for sure!

    • SarahsCloth

      Its so exciting Michelle, thanks for following along! Congratulations by the way, How exciting! <3 Ill be having a newborn giveaway tomorrow! <3

  9. Patty

    Love the design of the diapers! First time cloth mamma here with new squish due in december. Slowly making a cloth stock! Would love to win!!!!!

    • SarahsCloth

      Congratulations Patty! If you have any questions please feel free to ask , im here to help! Also today im holding my newborn cloth diaper release and giveaway id love for you to have a look ! <3

  10. Andrea

    Congratulations with the new blog!
    I will try to follow the best I can, although, I now have a 7.5 month old just starting to be on the move!
    Your grow-along pants were the first ones I purchased for our son. They are amazing over his fluff butt!
    I would love to try out your diapers as well! We absolutely love our fluff! And your pants, they have held up so well over the last few months!
    Thank you!

    • SarahsCloth

      Oh yay! im so glad to hear they’ve been holding up well! I remember my daughter at 7.5 months , you’ll be super fit after chasing your little around all day that’s for sure 😀 <3
      P.s Its great to have you follow whenever you can 🙂

  11. Joy

    Thank you so much for making a diaper with the wicking jersey interior layer! I was just on the lookout for a diaper that has everything you have here. I can’t wait for my little sweetie to experience your diaper!
    Definitely will keep up with your products & blog!
    Cheers & Congrats!

    • SarahsCloth

      Thanks for following Joy ! Wicking jersey is my favorite, it makes it so trim and easy to care for! <3

  12. Melissa J

    So excited for you!! These new diapers look amazing. Would love to see how they hold up with my little one!! 😃😃😃

  13. Ally Chesney

    I love these! Just waiting another 1-2months for my little one to arrive. Can’t wait to start my cloth diapering journey.
    I will absolutely be following your blog and would love to win this.

  14. Dana Posthumus

    I love following mama blogs and cant wait to enjoy yours!! We love your products but have not tried your diapers yet, would love to win one to try out!

  15. Rachael

    So excited to follow your adventure 🙂 looking forward to buying some of these diapers tomorrow at The Baby Boutique! We love cloth diapering! ❤️

    • SarahsCloth

      Thank you so much Racheal- i will only have a few OS until next Saturday ( my insert material got delayed in shipping 🙁 )

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