No words needed

I was speechless, I had no words , just a deep pain low in my gut. I kept trying to think of the right words to say but nothing came. I barely knew the mom on the other side of the computer screen , I never met her, and we only spoke a few times but my heart ached for her.

The words “My baby was Stillborn”. It rang through my head for the rest of the afternoon. Just weeks ago,  I remember reading how excited and happy she was, getting close to her due date. I remember seeing pictures of the ultra sound, the gender reveal, the nursery. I remember seeing her baby bump pictures and “congratulations” all over her Facebook wall.

Now? Just “I’m sorry for your loss”. Those people also have no words, no one does. There are no “right” words for these moments. This mom and dad, the family now have to bury and grieve a dream, a hope, someone they never had a chance to know but already loved so deeply.

I don’t know what she’s going through. I’m so lucky to hold my babies close , to get up at night to nurse them , To pick them up off the floor when they fall , to give them kisses when they laugh and hugs when they cry. I take it all for granted, no matter how hard i try not to, i just do. Some days i get frustrated over the smallest things and forget that they are here , alive and well. I get the privilege to raise and love them everyday.

And even though it’s not enough; I’m sorry. Please know that ill hold my little ones tighter tonight. That i think of you often, I’ve shed tears for you because just the thought makes a sadness swell up inside me. Though i have no words to say to you , I have a shoulder to cry on ,two arms to hug you and ear to listen.

Be gentle and kind to those who have lost the tiniest world. Words may not be needed ; just and open heart.

<3 Nicole @ Sarah’s cloth



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