The Storefront Adventure

I’m shaking writing this.. Shaking with joy! Today marks the day i’m blessed enough to be able to start my new adventure! Today marks the day i have the keys to my brand new store front location! Im so lucky to have the support of my customers, followers, my mom and husband and family.

For those of you who don’t know- my name is Nicole, I’m the owner operator of Sarah’s cloth and accessories. I’ve been running my children’s clothing/cloth diaper buisness for over 2 years out of my home. Sewing and selling my own items on my website, shows and social network outlets.
Over the last year i have been planning on opening a brick and mortar store front to sell local and unique baby items.  That time is now!! Our grand opening will be announced but im hoping for Oct. 1st! <3 You will now be able to shop all of Sarah’s cloth products in our own storefront (or Online)! The best part is you’ll also get to shop some of my own favorite brands from all around Canada, including London local (and a couple outside Canada) We will carry cloth diapers, baby carriers , children’s clothing (Our own of coarse) and unique baby and mom items as well.

One of the most important parts about this storefront to me is creating a community and support system for new mamas and pops and growing families. The store front will feature amazing workshops and events, along with services like – a buisness feature wall showcasing each buisness, newborn cloth diaper rentals and a cloth diaper library/carrier rentals.

Our new shop is located minutes from London in Strathroy (about 15 minutes at 63 Frank street) BUT to stay in touch with our amazing London customers and supporters we will be offering a super low shipping rate to our local area!  Oh Baby and The Been Garden will still carry our products and ill still offer London local pick up at the been garden <3

Keep your eye on our Facebook and Instagram as we will start announcing our new amazing companies and shops!

Do you have a product/ company (your own or a favorite) you would LOVE to see us carry? Send me an e-mail or comment below , we would love to see if they are the right fit for our shop!



  1. Hello!!

    Congratulations on your wonderful new adventure! You must be so dang excited. You should be super proud of all of your hard work. 🙂 I have some products you might enjoy carrying. I just opened in April and I am a Canadian entrepreneur mama of 3 little fellas! I design and make Earth friendly apparel and accessories for children (and a little for the mama’s and papa’s). I currently make slouchy beanies, bibdanas, silicone teething necklaces, infinity bibs, etc. I use modern, quality materials like organic cotton knit, organic french terry, and more.

    My website is

    Thanks! I’m excited to see your new life venture unfold.
    Morgan Shepherd
    Owner + Designer at MUDZEE Apparel

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