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Welcome to Sarahscloth.com, I’m very excited to have you all here to join me on my blogging adventure!

I love talking about cloth diapering, sewing and all things parenting, so i have decided to start writing a blog with helpful information, tips and my own stories. This blog will also help me talk about my own new products and some other amazing businesses.

If you decide to stay in touch and follow me here on my blog you can expect-

*Fun and quarky Behind the scenes look at my life, family and buisness.

* Helpful information and tips on Cloth diapering and everything that goes along with it.

*A look at my own children’s clothing and cloth diaper products you can buy here.

Ill also touch on more amazing products, items and businesses i’ve found along the way!

Id love to hear more from you! Feel free to send me an e-mail at sarahsclothblog@gmail.com with any topics you would like me to cover. As always you can also swing by my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Sarahsclothandaccessories/) or follow me on instagram @sarahsclothandaccessories to stay in touch and up to date with all the new products.

<3 Nicole @ Sarah’s cloth



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