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Sarah’s cloth has big (dare i say HUGE) plans! I cant wait any longer to share them with my amazing customers and friends! One of the biggest reasons for my move into a storefront (besides being able to offer even more unique items from all the amazing companies i love) is the services , workshops and events i have planned.  A place to empower woman, moms, and dads and families. I want to offer something more then products ,and that is a sense of community, i know it may sound cheesy!

Our shop will be buzzing daily with little ones and families so i want to make the most of the space i now have and offer these services-

  1. Newborn cloth diaper rentals – For those families who don’t want to invest in newborn cloth diapers, you can now rent them at an affordable price and start cloth from the very beginning!
  2. Gift wrapping- Do you need your purchase gift wrapped , just let us know! will cover your gift in fun wrapping paper and pretty bows !
  3. Local buisness feature wall- Come in and have a look at our local or handmade featured buisness.
  4. Free shipping days- We will be keeping our flat rate shipping costs super low so you can get the products you love without the huge cost of shipping. On top of our low flat rates once a week ill offer free shipping for that day! YAY!
  5. cloth diaper repairs- In need of new elastics, maybe new Velcro? we can help!
  6. Private Nursing /change room- this mini escape gives you a chance to feed hungry baby and change your little one. Filled with soft colors ,a beautiful mobile and toys to keep small fingers busy.


And these workshops-

  1. Cloth diaper workshops- Are you new to cloth diapers? maybe just curious about other brands and options? no matter what stage your at were here to help! we will offer cloth diaper workshops to cover options, brands , washing routines and general care!
  2. Baby wearing work shops- Find a carrier that fits best for you and baby. We will bring in a professional to help answer questions and try on carriers – from wraps to soft structured.
  3. Breast feeding workshops- If your having trouble with the latch or supply, maybe your just looking for extra support , were here to help!
  4. Babies on a budget- Let us go over some of the best money saving ways to raise your baby on a budget. Whether its couponing or tips on buying used!
  5. Essential oil workshops- Lets talk oils! maybe your feeling clouded or stressed, how about colds and sick littles? Ill bring in an oil expert and lets get together and talk essential oils.
  6. Healthy eating raw food workshops- Would you like to eat healthier, learn about eating raw foods? this workshop is geared to teaching an easy way to eat healthier.
  7. birth and doula workshops- Ask questions and get info!

and these events-

  1. Picture day- Newborns, baby or just fun mini sessions we supply the photographer and back drop , you supply the super sweet little ones!
  2. Baby and me yoga days- Lets have a relaxing and fun yoga day.
  3. Mama and me pamper days. nails and hair? mix that with smiles and laughter for a day your sweetheart will remeber for a long time!
  4. Infant massage- because what baby doesnt need to relax after a hard day!
  5. Sign language for babies
  6. Rant and Relax mommy meet up days. my favorite!


Our new shop in the works

Our new shop in the works.


The start of the front window display.


The nursing/ change room is coming along!

Im so excited to get started! Is there other fun events or workshops you would love to see? Leave them in the comments below !

<3 Nicole  @ Sarah’s cloth

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